Prepare your child for upcoming situations by rehearsing or practicing ahead of time.

This will reduce the chances of misbehavior occurring in the heat of the moment.

The goal is to prepare your child in advance and ensure they know what to expect.

Try doing a run-through of any situation that’s resulted in misbehavior in the past — but make it fun.

For your first practice run

  • Keep it brief to start
  • Ensure the session ends in success for your child
  • Make it fun and your child will be more likely to learn from the experience
Putting into practice

When training your child for shopping, run through a pretend shopping trip in the kitchen. Keep it short (5-10 mins), make it lots of fun, and end in success. Then start with a quick 15-min trip to the corner store, then work up to the supermarket.

Prepare your child

Have a practice run through

“Ok Ollie, let's practice how you're going to play with the other kids tomorrow at the BBQ. Remember to share the ball around. The other kids will want to play too........Really good sharing Ollie! That's exactly what we'll do tomorrow.”