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Family Man provides simple, yet effective, tools for mastering the art of parenting. Making "family” your new favorite F-word.


Dads are a major part of many families, but don't always have the tools to complete parenting programs.

We’d like to see this change, so we created Family Man with dads in mind. A happier, healthier family is our goal.

Why Family Man works

We use evidence-based strategies.

Getting ready for bed shouldn’t always end in tears. We’ve tested our recommendations with parents to understand what really works, especially for children 2 to 8 with minor to severe behavior issues. With years of research under our belt, the evidence shows that many children can improve their behavior with the right care.

A dad reading a bedtime story to his daughter
A young boy throwing a tantrum

We tackle the kicking, screaming and WTF moments.

Tantrums, aggression, meltdowns in the supermarket – all joys of raising little ones. These moments can test your patience and willpower, especially if you don’t have the tools to de-escalate. Each episode of Family Man takes you through a different challenge to explore and improves your day-to-day skills.

We’re all about teamwork.

We’ve built Family Man to get more dads involved alongside partners and other caregivers. But a team doesn't have to mean a partner - it can be anyone that pitches in with raising your child, like a grandparent or even a teacher.


Married, single or separated – Family Man tactics still apply.


Backing each-other up with a consistent strategy is key.


Grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles – it’s a family affair.

Child mental health specialists

Professionals can use Family Man to help guide parents and caregivers.

Get your team

A mother and father playing with their young son

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Movember is the leading charity dedicated to changing the face of men’s health around the world.

We created Family Man to get more men actively involved in parenting programs. By equipping men with the right tools, especially in tough times, we’re aiming to help men live healthier and happier lives. Raising a family is a team sport, so partners and caregivers are encouraged to join in and explore the challenges together.

Family Man is 100% Movember-funded and provided to you at no financial cost.

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