Game Plan
Planning ahead for tough situations is the key to success.

Focus on planning rewards for positive behavior and consequences for misbehavior. Use reward strategies we’ve learnt previously – specific praise, physical affection, tangible rewards and quality time. Keep time-out in your back pocket. If need be, go for a delayed time-out (when you’re back home) or other meaningful consequences.

Help your child get through tough situations by factoring in fun activities to keep them busy. When your child is engaged they’re much less likely to seek attention through acting out.

Plan ahead

Prepare ‘boredom-busters’ – fun activities to keep your child engaged.

"I better bring his ball along. That’ll keep him busy"

Plan rewards for positive behavior.

“Today you need to play nicely and share with Ethan and the other kids. If you follow the rules, we'll stop at the shops on the way home and get a new ball together.”

Plan consequences for misbehavior.

“If that doesn't happen, you'll have to go to time out. Ok?”