Coach as you go
Encourage positive behavior

Be on the lookout for times to praise positive behavior. Remember, anytime your child is not misbehaving – it’s a good opportunity to reward positive behavior (e.g., sitting quietly, staying calm).

Manage misbehavior

Things may not always go smoothly but you’ve got this. Remember the steps - approach, give stop-start instructions, repeat once, then use time-out if needed. If the time-out isn’t possible, go for another consequence that you’ve pre-planned with the child or delayed time-out when you’re back home.

Coach through tough times

Morning routine

Beat the buzzer - set timed check points for the morning routine. Keep everyone on schedule and make it fun.

Shopping trips

Get your child to put items in the trolley, tick items off a list, and ask them to spot colours and shapes as you go.

Dinner time

Have children write down different topics of conversation. Fold them up and put them in a jar, then children take turns selecting a topic from the jar.