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Introducing Family Man. Proven parenting strategies developed alongside leading global child behaviour experts and designed with dads in mind.


Family Man has been developed by Movember alongside leading global child behavior experts. It’s backed by evidence-based parenting strategies that actually work, since we’ve put in the time to test it with hundreds of families. It’s especially helpful for kids 2 to 8 but can be used outside this age range.

Family Man has recommendations for correcting misbehavior, while reinforcing love and care.

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We've created interactive episodes to help you navigate common tricky parenting situations. How does dad handle each challenge? You decide. Learn by doing and build your skills bit by bit.

Get coached at no cost

Family Man is a Movember-funded program that’s free of charge.

  • Put that wallet away. We’ve got you covered.
Spend your time wisely

We know your "me-time" is precious, so we’ve kept the program clear and to the point. The episodes are short and take an average of 13 mins to complete.

  • Less than 1 hour to complete three episodes
  • 2 weeks until you start seeing results
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Share with your team

We’ve built this program with dads in mind, but raising children is a team effort. Get everyone on the same page by sharing Family Man with your whole parenting team - including partners, grandparents and cool uncles.

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A word from Movember

Every parent, child and household has different needs. Family Man doesn't try to replace working with a therapist or counselor, but we hope you'll find tools and resources that help you build a stronger and more connected family.

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