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Family Man is a research-backed online parenting program designed with dads in mind.

Fun, free, fast and interactive, it’s proven to work and has been developed alongside leading global child behavior experts.

Group 4 Copy 2
Episode 1It's quiet, too quietEncouraging positive behavior
Episode 2War and peasManaging misbehavior at home
Episode 3Into the wildManaging high risk situations

Fast &

Family Man is a Movember-funded program that’s free of charge.

Designed for Dads

We've built Family Man to get more dads involved. It's also great for mums and other caregivers.


We use evidence-based strategies developed by child behavior experts.

We've partnered with a leading university

Professor Mark Dadds (yep, his real name!) and Dr Lucy Tully are the masterminds behind Family Man. They’ve spent decades researching parenting techniques that work.

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Caring for kids
Positive behaviour

Should your kids play video games?

Video games can boost creativity, problem solving and social skills. Learn how to ensure a positive gaming experience for your child.

Reviewed by: Professor Mark Dadds and Dr Lucy Tully

Caring for kids

What is stimming?

Learn more about stimming (self-stimulatory behavior), its effects, and why many children with autism stim.
Caring for children

Autism and children: how to cope with challenging behaviors

What triggers challenging behavior in kids with autism and how can you help them cope?
Caring for kids

Types of parenting styles: the pros and cons as listed by the experts

Learn more about the four main styles of parenting and their long-term effects on children.

Reviewed by: Professor Mark Dadds and Dr Lucy Tully

Caring for kids

How to help a child with ADHD

Read eight practical tips on caring for a child with ADHD and helping them thrive.

Reviewed by: Professor Mark Dadds and Dr Lucy Tully

Caring for kids
Positive behavior

How to help a child with their homework

How to trade the nightly homework battle for more positive experience with your grade-school child

Reviewed by: Professor Mark Dadds and Dr Lucy Tully


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