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Movember ParentWorks is a movie you play like a game; it throws you into situations where children are misbehaving where you choose what to do next – learn the techniques and practice the strategies before doing it for real.


Family Man has been developed by leading, global, child behavioural experts. It’s backed by evidence-based parenting strategies that actually work, since we’ve put in the time to test it with hundreds of families. It’s especially helpful for kids 2 to 8, but can be used outside this age range.

If your child has issues with

  • Tantrums
  • Aggression
  • Ignoring instructions

Family Man has recommendations for correcting these behaviours, while reinforcing love and care.

Get Coached At No Cost

No need to pull out your wallet. Family Man is a Movember-funded program that’s free of charge.

  • Put that wallet away, We’ve got this one covered.
Timing Is Everything

We know your "me-time" is precious, so we’ve kept the program clear and to the point.

  • X hours to complete three scenarios
  • X weeks until you start seeing results
Share With Your Team

We’ve built this program with dads in mind, but raising children is a team effort. All parents and caregivers are welcome to use Family Man, including partners, grandparents and whomever’s on your squad.

A Word from Movember

Every parent, child and household are unique — with different needs. Although Family Man doesn’t replace working with a therapist or counsellor, we hope it gives you more tools to build a stronger and more connected family. Learn more about why we built this program.

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